Our History


farm house

Cronenwett Farms in Lawton, Michigan is a registered sesquicentennial farm which means it has been in the same family for over 150 years. It was established in 1865 by the great, great, great grandparents (Bryan and Elizabeth Stainton) of today’s owner.

Bryan and Elizabeth came to Lawton from Geneva, New York. They purchased 160 acres of un-cleared land and built a two-story frame house there. Their son William took over the farm shortly after returning from the Civil War. William married Celia and they had five children.

It was William and Celia’s sons, Charles and Frank that planted the first grapes at the farm, in 1888. They grew so well that another five acres were soon planted and over the generations many more acres until the farm became what it is today.

The current owner, Bryan Cronenwett, farmed with his father William Cronenwett, Sr. for many years until William retired in 1991. Bryan’s daughter, Lesley, and her husband Mark operate the farm today and live in the original two-story homestead.